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It is an act of sending commercial messages to a group of people typically.

And here are the steps to be discussed step by step process

Basically there are few steps in creating a proper email campaign

  1. Identify need for an email
  2. Document the campaign requirements
  3. Draft email copy and artwork
  4. Setup tracking and add to email
  5. Test your emails and make edits
  6. Final step SEND
  1. Identify need for an email:

This is the basic step and it involves identifying need for an email. Many Emails are sent by customers. Example, if customers makes a profit online then you need to send a registration confirmation email. If any purchases are made then the receipt must be send to them. Whatever the case a special document of record must be designed for the mail.

  1. Document this campaign requirements: This document is about creating a mail. By using this guide you can further go to the step by step process. Main process for the completion of the document is setting up a goal, without goal it is hard to set up whether it is in the right path or not.

Subject line is the main criteria for the document to be filled, because a bad subject line can get your account deleted before it opens. Outline is the main final goal for the Email.

  1. Draft Email copy and Artwork:

This draft email copy follows few steps as mentioned below

  • Stick to the Point
  • Provide value
  • Make text can be scanned
  • Powerful CTA
  • Make it easy to audience


  • Selection of an image is main. As few can increase the click by rate.
  • Make sure image fits exactly to the template.
  • Make sure that the Email size is 102K.
  1. Set up tracking Email:

Always have a vision on your email continuously. “Tracking Pixel” is added before the closing tag of the email.

A special feature called engagement score is analytic can track how long the user has an email open.

  1. Test your Emails and make ready:

This is the absolute critical step to be taken part as a marketer. Make sure that the email must be beauty.

  1. Final step SEND:

Make sure that the content is perfect. Mail it to the address in a convincing manner. Send is the option to send the Email.

These are the above steps to be followed to send the mail first…

Conclusion for the Email Campaign:

As we can say from the above points Email Campaign is the best way for advertising the products.

And there are many rules to be taken part to construct the email campaign.

So, by this you came to know how to send a first email campaign.

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