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Emails are one of the proficient and crucial marketing tools which help you to reach a wider range of customers. If you’d like to engage with your customers at a new level you have to grab their attention by sending attractive emails to them. Well if you’re looking for their responses and not ignorance

Autoresponders is what you are looking for.

MailerPort has millions of subscribers developing trust and growing its subscribers day by day by following these steps and keeping its loyalty and trust towards it subscribers/customers using the autoresponder and many other features.  Many other social sites like Facebook, Hike, Yahoo, Gmail, etc…..use autoresponder.

In this section what is autoresponder will be explained, I am sure few of you know what autoresponder is if so feel free to skip this section, if not go through it. An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex. In simple terms, auto-responders are catchy lined emails sent to the customers in order to complete an action or a transaction.

Now that we knew about auto-responders let’s have a look at how they work

Firstly, you should understand the necessity of your customer and react accordingly. For instance, if a customer adds items to the cart but doesn’t purchase them you send them an email saying your carts, waiting this might remind them of their incomplete actions. Or when a customer subscribes to your newsletters you can send emails like ‘thank you for the subscription’ or ‘from now on, you’ll get to know more about us, Readers give more attention to such emails.

Let’s see how we can use auto-responders:

  1. Welcome Messages
  2. Sharing knowledge
  3. Lead nurturing
  4. Support sales
  5. Build long-term relationships
  6. Encourage customer loyalty
  7. Asking for customer feedback
  8. Countdown

How we can use the autoresponder in smart ways:

  1. Use them as a way to re-engage existing subscribers with content they want.
  2. Get Old Content in Front of New Eyes.
  3. The Shamefully Busy Person’s Email Newsletter.
  4. The e-Course Opt-in.
  5. After someone downloads a resource from your site.

Autoresponders can make life easier when start building a relationship with your subscribers/customers. While you’re being able to automatically respond to critical behaviors by your customers, which allows you to seize key moments and bring customers back to your store.

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