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Do you wish to see that most of your resources are followed and tested to get your customers satisfied, and get good profits improving sales, and build a successful business?

If yes, then you need to know the marketing metrics that run your business in the background of your campaign.

We can say that metrics here can be said as a collection of data together.


Want to know how your emails are performing?

Do you like to check you’re open, click, and deliverability rates?

Want to find out how your customers are using your product? Survey them to find out the Net Promoter Score or the Customer Satisfaction Score.

Want to know where our website is turning casual readers into customers?

Do you want to learn how metrics can be game changers for your campaign?

With this data, you no longer need to rely on your gut! And even though I’m sure your gut has helped you make the decisions that led you till here, you’ll sleep better knowing there are actual numbers to back you up.

“MailerPort” it is a simple, efficient and full-featured email marketing application with an impressive feature set. MailerPort features allow you to manage the email marketing, having everything email related in one place.

In MailerPort they have a feature campaign overview which shows and gives all the data of the campaign sent by you to your subscribers, this feature has some sections which are:

These will be the sections which MailerPort shows and tracks your campaign and now let’s see each section what it is?? And what it does??


A recipient is a person who gives his or her permissions to send them emails that may contain advertisements, different type’s products, invitations, and many other contents. In this section, the details of the recipient are shown and the how many of them such as Name, list/segment which you have your subscribers; it also displays last open, started at, finished at date and time.


In this section, you can find the details of your campaign like what kind of email either it is regular or autoresponder, from a name, from email or reply to which will be your details and, to name which will be emailed. Here we also can see how many forwards have happened, abuse reports if anyone did to your campaign, date added at, send at and the important feature is total delivery time if it goes faster it may go to spam so here you can see your campaign delivery rate and you can see the web version your subscribers are using to open your campaign.


In this section you can see the real-time stats of your campaign like how many subscribers opened your email and how many clicked the link you mentioned in your email, you can also track unsubscribe rate, complaints, and bounces. You can even share the stats using this feature in MailerPort.


In this section, you find your campaign performance rates like:

  • CLICK RATE: In click rates, you find the number of clicks like Unique clicks means the number of times that a link in your email was clicked by individual users. The unique click rate describes you the subscribers’ reactions to changes in emails and content which you sent. The total clicks are calculated the number of times your subscribers clicked the link and shown in percentage and clicks to open rate means calculated and shown in percentage here and open to clicks rate means measures the relevancy and context of an email by taking.      “Unique clicks/number of unique opens * 100.” And click through rate shows the percentage ratio of users who click on the specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email or advertisements. Industry average(software and web app) shows
  • UNSUBSCRIBE RATE: Here you can view the unsubscribing rate of your campaign the unsubscribe rate is calculated to unsubscribe/delivered*100=unsubscribe rate.
  • Spam complaint rate is the percentage of recipients that click spam or junk in their inbox and when you email makes them insecure they might unsubscribe.
  • OPEN RATE: Here the open rates are calculated on unique clicks, total opens, opens to click rate, industry average (software and web app). Open rate is a measure of how many people in your email list open a particular campaign. Generally, open rate is shown in percentage, for example, a 40%open rate means for every 10 emails 4 were actually opened. And in the feature, we see unique clicks which mean a user open your email more than once and total opens is the number of opens done by subscribers is calculated and shown in percentage here and open to clicks rate means measures the relevancy and context of an email by taking.
  • “Unique clicks/number of unique opens * 100.” Industry average shows
  • COMPLAINTS RATE: The customer dissatisfaction with the service as reported by you. So, here you can manage when any of your customer’s complaint about your emails.

Your target for each ISP that is sending complaints should be for each ISP’s complaint rate to be less than 0.1%.

  • BOUNCE RATE: Here it says email addresses in your customer’s list that didn’t receive your email because it was returned from a recipient mail server. There are two categories of email bounces including hard bounce, soft bounce, and internal bounces.
  • HARD BOUNCE: Email that is sent back to the sender because the recipient’s email address is not valid.
  • SOFT BOUNCE: Even when an email address is valid and your email has reached the recipient’s mail server. However it bounces back to sender due to the recipient’s inbox was full or the server was down, or the email you sent was too large for recipient’s inbox.

“These all are shown in percentage format here.”

“MailerPort even provides a 24 hours performance graph presentation and top domains for all opens and clicks bar graph presentation”

  • 24hours performance:
  • Top domains for all opens and clicks:

TOP CLICKED LINKS: here you can see the links clicked by your customers/subscribers. Here you can check how many clicked your links how many times.

LATEST CLICKED LINKS: here you can check your latest links you attached with your email and sent to your subscription list, and also you can check which subscriber opened that specific link at what date and time.

LATEST OPENS: here you can see the list of your subscribers who opened latest your email you can even check the date and time your subscribers opened.

SUBSCRIBERS WITH MOST OPENS: here you can check the subscribers who opened your emails within your list.

ACTIVITY MAP: activity map is feature here where you can locate the subscriber location from where they opened and you can even check the device your subscriber used to open your email.

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