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Season’s Greetings is a term to greet people commonly before or during the Christmas and well over the holiday season mainly in English speaking countries.

These days other countries are also practicing to send the Season’s greetings.

Pros of Season’s Greetings:

By Sending Season’s Greetings to express all the human feelings, happiness and regard to the concerned person.

By seeing Season’s Greeting cards, it lifts receiver’s morale simply knowing you reminded to recollect and cared them.

With posting greetings is to remain associated with those that you don’t get the opportunity to see that regularly.

A Greeting card either online or by hand is as yet considered by most as the genuinely effective method for telling somebody you truly mind.

This has now been demonstrated scientifically by Dr Lynda Shaw.

Season greeting cards to express appreciation for past business, solicitations to up and coming gatherings or organization occasions, client maintenance cards asking the individuals who have worked with the organization in the past to visit them once more, or even cards conveyed to help a client or patient to remember a forthcoming appointment.

Cons of Season’s Greetings:

The effort of designing season’s greetings can be misconstrued by the recipient, while a greeting card is appreciated for a couple of minutes, it definitely gets erased.

It can be effortlessly trashed away.

The beneficiary won’t open it expecting that it may contain a virus.

The card won’t be opened on the grounds that it could be filtered into the recipient’s junk folder.

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