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We can attach files to email campaigns straight to our emails, but attachments affect the extent of your message.

By sending vast attachments or attachments to numerous individuals you may land in trouble in an increase of data usage.

Attachments can essentially hurt the capacity of your messages to arrive in your recipients’ inboxes.

Bulk emails with generally attached files no doubt will wind up in the spam folder.

There are numerous instances of attachments being utilized to spread malware, so campaigns that contain attachments are probably going to be hailed as spam by ISPs and email customers.

Email attachments are regularly utilized as an approach to cover up infections and malware.

Which can influence your deliverability?

Attachments in email campaign can be done either by attaching the attachment from our computer or can be added by library link to your email campaign.

Utilizing the Library link is the best way for the attachments in the email campaign.

Because attachments can be seen suspiciously by both SPAM channels and recipients and have limits in file size and can go through a great deal of storage.

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